Single party kulmbach

1972 Biofrost cold milling RAPS becomes the first company to use Biofrost cold milling.

This process ensures that essential oils are not lost during the crushing process.

1975 Death of the founder of the company Adalbert Raps dies on 6 November 1975 at the age of 87.

1975 New managing director Horst Kühne Horst Kühne takes over the management of RAPS and continues the legacy of Adalbert Raps.

Horst Kühne has worked for the company since his apprenticeship and has in-depth knowledge of the business and the necessary entrepreneurial breadth of vision.

1925 – 1940 Development into a production company New production methods developed alongside trading. 1943 Reconstruction of the RAPS company building After the War the RAPS company building is rebuilt in Hamburg. 1953 Foundation stone laid in Kulmbach Adalbert Raps lays the foundation stone for the first Kulmbach factory on Am Goldenen Feld in 1953.

1953 GLUTALIN conquers the market The Kulmbach-based flavouring company really takes off when it develops GLUTALIN, the first flavour enhancer for sausage production.


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