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The tanks, which are stationed at the British base in nearby Paderborn, were making their way to a training exercise though a military manoeuvre area that is also open to the public.Police estimate 12,000 euros' (£8,700) worth of damage was done to the woman's car. Lars Risserbusch, a spokesman for Lippe police, said the teenager had not seen the fleet when she turned left in front of it.

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“It was a routine examination and in no way an attempt to discredit Prof.

von Zieten.” In their report, they called Protsch’s 30 years of work a “dating disaster.” Among their findings was an age of only 3,300 years for the female “Bischof-Speyer” skeleton, found with unusually good teeth in Northern Germany, that Protsch dated to 21,300 years.

Protsch’s work first came under suspicion last year during a routine investigation of German prehistoric remains by two other anthropologists.

“We had decided to subject many of these finds to modern techniques to check their authenticity so we sent them to Oxford [University] for testing,” one of the researchers told The Sunday Telegraph.

A flamboyant anthropology professor, whose work had been cited as evidence Neanderthal man once lived in Northern Europe, has resigned after a German university panel ruled he fabricated data and plagiarized the works of his colleagues.