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Yet, in many ways he is also a representative of that very tradition, with its primary focus on the appearance and the artistic completion of paintings.Rothe’s concern for the preservation of the paintings, which led to his experiments with various surface treatments, was driven by aesthetics.His experiments with surface treatments demonstrate unprecedented thoughts about the necessity of future treatments.

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One of his major concerns was finding a binding medium to be used with retouching and over-painting that imitated the appearance of the original painting.

However, he also worked with what he considered to be preventive treatments, such as impregnation, which would permit future aqueous cleaning without damaging the images.

The fact that he gave any thought at all to future treatments places him in a new category in respect to his predecessors.

Eigil Rothe (active 1897-1929) is a central figure in the development of wall paintings conservation and restoration in Denmark, marking a clear departure from the practices of artist-restorers influenced by historicism.

His ideas about retouching and impregnation were propelled by his sense of aesthetics, which rejected nineteenth century interpretations, and called for a respect for the passage of time.