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The platform itself has been completely removed, however, although the mainline tracks are still in the same position, so that in the area between the tracks at the station is much greater than usual.

I live just outside of Düsseldorf; well that is usually what I tell non-Germans.

It has also been served since December 2003, by line S 9 to Bottrop (some running to Haltern am See).

The remains of the former access to the long distance platform can still be seen today between the two middle tracks on the northern side of the pedestrian bridge.

The dating of the start of construction is difficult, it was dedicated in 1898, but the building is already visible in a photograph from 1892 and some sources say construction began in 1886.

The entrance building is on Siegfriedstrasse and it is connected by a straight connecting street, Walkürenallee, which provides a vista to the Zoo entrance on Hubertusallee.

Wuppertal Zoo was opened in western Wuppertal in 1881, in the Zooviertel (“zoo quarter”).


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