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This is the hilarious and very interesting story about me meeting a guy and how he reacted to seeing a woman of color he was interested in.

Break was a really busy time for seeing as I started working the day after I got back home. If you have any questions and don't want to put them in the comment box you're more than welcome to send it as a private message.

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Yayyy, so Luke moved closer to London which means we're closer to each other !!! Ahaha so expect a lot more activity on our vlogging channel including Challenges which are always good for bonding time and getting to know each other more.~x Xx~ Don't forget to subscribe for more.In my quest of searching for reasons why Asian men should date Black women, I came up with...nothing. Not a single search entry gave me a legitimate reason for this coupling (unless I haven't searched hard enoug... Then I'm completely fine with that 😌Omg I just saw the first AMBW couple EVERRR!!

Hi everyone my name is Lajoy I'm 17 and I'm here to make friends with anyone in this community. Well I don't have many friends that shares my love for K-pop and Anime.